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About Us

Hollywood Nails, providing quality salon and nail services one finger at a time!

Getting to know our clients and share in their experiences is our pleasure.  So to return the favor we wanted to take the opportunity to share ourselves and our mission of "Hollywood Nails" with you.

Hollywood Nails

We believe that everyone deserves to pamper themselves every once and awhile, and it is because of this that Hollywood Nails has become the popular pampering spot!  Our care, committment, quality service and dedication to our clients keeps them coming back.  Not only do we provide quality service, but good company and great conversations.  In addition, we are well versed in the latest nail professon styles and techniques offered in the industry.  Our clients have imput into the styles and techniques offered at our Salon.  For safety and sanitary measures, each client has their own nail kit, used specifically for their nail care services.   Our company continues to grow, due to the dedication of our staff and the relationship with our clientele, and the importance of customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Here at Hollywood Nails, we believe in offering and providing the highest quality products and services for all of our customers. We believe that our customers are our greatest asset,an it is due to their loyality, trust and respect that we continue to grow and prosper.  It is because of this relationship of mutual respect that we are dedicated to serving your needs and providing quality care and services.

Buttermilk Falls Plaza * 401 Elmira Road * Ithaca, NY 14850